Atlantic Blowers

Atlantic Blowers is a global company serving over 50 industries spread out over more than a hundred countries.  Their products are designed with eco-friendliness in mind and and practice


Regenerative Blowers

Atlantic Blowers designs and builds a range of regenerative blowers that can be used for a number of industrial applications.  Vapor extraction, conveyance, vacuum holding, aeration of clogged lines or tanks--there is a wide range of options available to customers who were wise enough to purchase a Regenerative Blower from Atlantic.  They are designed with cleanliness eco-friendliness in mind and produce oil-free, clean air, as well as minimal noise pollution. Atlantic can provide custom designs when necessary and feasible. Explosion proof units are available, for volatile work environments, as well as prepackaged pressure/vacuum kits.  


Centrifugal Blowers

If you need to move large amounts of air through your pipes but require a low-power setting, centrifugal blowers by Atlantic may be the right fit for you.  These units are able to last longer and cost less than more high-powered systems. They are ideal for a number of applications, from heat transfer to vapor extraction to pneumatic conveyance.  The various units range in power from 0.33Hp (0.20kW) to 20.00 Hp (15.00kW). Each of the three types available (of the ABC, the ABT, or the ABMS series) is eco-friendly, as well as meeting IE3 standards for noise levels.  


Centrifugal Fan

Centrifugal Fans by Atlantic Blowers are specially designed for jobs that require a vast amount of air to be moved through large ducts.  Several different series of centrifugal fans are available to suit a variety of needs. The 100, 200, and 400 series each utilize larger outlets to escalate flow rates, while the 300 series utilizes a much smaller outlet in order to increase pressure.

Max. Flow Range: 388CFM to 11,399CFM; Max. Pressure Range: 1”H2O to 36.4”H2O; 0.33Hp (0.20kW) all the way up to 40.00 Hp (30.00kW)


Tube Axial Fans

Tube axial fans are the units you need when you want to move massive quantities of air.  Whether you’re trying to clear hazardous vapors from an area or just get some air flow moving to cool down the space a bit, Atlantic Blower’s tube axials are what you want.  The design of the propellers on Atlantic units allows it to maintain a consistent, constant air flow. A wide variety of designs and series are available depending on your company’s needs, including an explosive-proof unit for particularly hazardous work arenas.

Max. Flow Range: 1,059CFM to 16,951CFM; Max. Pressure Range: 1.2”H2O to 3.1”H2O; 0.33Hp (0.20kW) to 4.00 Hp (3.00kW)


Air Knives System

Customized air knife design is an option when you choose Atlantic Blowers.  An industry leader in the system design of air knives, Atlantic is capable of meeting the needs of a wide scope of different industries.  Because Atlantic’s air knife system designs utilize blower units instead of compressor units, they are actually able to have a massive, net-positive effect on energy usage.  Air knife dryers have such a big range of uses and components that it is imperative that buyers choose a designer who can handle any air knife system.

Aluminum & Stainless Steel Air Knife Sizes: 2” or 3” inlets; Length: 2” up to 120”