ColdJet Food & Bev Industry

Food processing and packaging equipment gets dirty with grease, wax, proteins, seasonings, crumbs, glue and other build-up. This prevents the equipment from operating at peak efficiency. Traditional manual cleaning methods are time-consuming, ineffective and usually involve significant amounts of water and resulting waste. Dry ice cleaning offers a superior cleaning process that can reduce cleaning time by up to 80%, eliminate secondary waste and result in a significant reduction in overall cleaning costs.

Smart Home Leader NexiaTM Integrates with Amazon Echo to Enable Hands-Free Whole-Home Automation

Simple voice commands control Nexia-certified devices throughout the home

Broomfield, Colo., June 22, 2016 – Smart home leader Nexia™, a brand of Ingersoll Rand (NYSE:IR), today gave subscribers the ability to control Nexia-certified devices in their home – starting with lighting, thermostats and plug-in wall modules – with simple voice commands through Amazon Echo. Additional features will be added soon.

“Echo is one of the great technological breakthroughs of the past several years and our users immediately saw its potential as a convenient way to help manage their homes,” said George Land, general manager of Nexia. “Controlling your home with simple, secure and reliable voice commands makes Nexia an even more seamless and indispensable part of daily life.” 

Nexia’s free integration with Amazon’s Alexa-powered devices – including Echo, the new Echo Dot and Amazon Tap – delivers natural-speech smart home control with Amazon’s popular voice-activated personal assistant.

“As Amazon enhances Echo support for additional smart home features, Nexia will continue to refine and enhance its voice control offering to deliver the best user experience possible,” Land said.

Nexia subscribers with an Echo can:

  • Turn lights on or off with simple commands such as, “Alexa, turn on the front porch light.”
  • Adjust the thermostat by saying, “Alexa, lower the temperature two degrees” or “Alexa, set the heat at 68 degrees.”
  • Set custom lighting settings such as, “Alexa, set the dining room light to 50 percent.”
  • Activate small appliances using a plug-in module such as, “Alexa, turn on the coffee pot.”

“We’re thrilled to work with Nexia to bring Alexa to a new ecosystem of smart home products, continuing our mission to provide a hands-free, convenient voice experience to our shared customers,” said Charlie Kindel, director of Alexa Smart Home. "As one of the most established smart home providers, Nexia's product lineup – including powerful Trane and American Standard thermostats – expands the range of devices customers can control all by just using their voice.”

Current subscribers can activate Nexia on Echo by enabling the Nexia skill in the Skills menu on the Alexa app.


About Nexia
Nexia is a leading smart home system and a brand of Ingersoll Rand (NYSE:IR). Powered primarily by secure Z-Wave and WiFi technology, Nexia allows users to expand their systems with hundreds of devices from some of the nation’s top manufacturers – including Schlage, General Electric, First Alert, Trane, American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning, Andersen and Pella – to create a truly smart home that adjusts to busy lives.

Ingersoll Rand: ARO pumping station

New ARO station solution minimizes leakage and environmental hazards during fluid transfer.

The ARO Station is a customized solution that houses an ARO pump and piping in a durable housing in order to reduce leaks and fumes during chemical transfer from one container to another.

Standing independently from a truck, the ARO Station helps operators comply with changing environmental regulations, while enhancing operator safety.

“ARO understands the importance of transporting and securing hazardous material and minimizing its exposure. The risks with chemical handling are a daily reality and the ARO Station was designed to protect operators as well as the environment during the transfer of these materials,” said Fausto Lotti, EMEA marketing leader of Ingersoll Rand Fluid Management.

The ARO Station can accommodate two different size pumps – the 1 1/2 inch or two inch Expert Series Pumps (EXP) ARO diaphragm pump. With the capability to pump material from five to 30 cubic meters per hour, the ARO Station can be calibrated to pump the appropriate quantity for each application.

Made of high-density polyethylene, the ARO Station is impervious to corrosion, and features a drip collection tray that can hold up to 200 liters of fluid.

IceTech: Is dry ice blasting safe to use in food production facilities

It’s important for food processing facilities to maintain strict guidelines for maintaining equipment. One of the challenges these facilities face is cleaning in a reasonable amount of time while still being thorough.

Utilizing dry ice blasting as a replacement for chemicals in food processing facilities allows plants to keep up with cleaning standards while making use of an eco-friendly cleaning solution. Cleaning with dry ice allows end users the ability to remove contaminants while utilizing an environmentally responsible cleaning media.

Dry ice cleaning also helps reduce water waste and any additional contamination associated with that. When facilities use water to clean equipment, they run the risk of increasing the bacteria count. Dry ice blasting utilizes food grade dry ice pellets that are EPA, FDA, and USDA approved.  Utilizing dry ice blasting can decontaminate surfaces with bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria.

IceTech: How is dry ice blasting used in the plastics industry

Cleaning with dry ice has become a popular method within the plastics industry. One of the most common uses for dry ice blasting is cleaning mold cavities. Molds and the plastic pouring into them can reach extreme temperatures, which can generate gas that liquefies and sticks to the mold.

Additionally, vents can get clogged with from buildup of the gases, which can destroy the mold. Utilizing dry ice cleaning for mold maintenance can reduce cleaning time by 80% and protect molds from damage from these gases.

Dry ice blasting machines are also commonly used to clean extruder screws. Most screws can be cleaned directly out of the barrel, which reduces downtime and subsequent costs. Dry ice blasting uses dry ice pellets that offer a non-abrasive cleaning method. This proves exponentially beneficial over manual cleaning methods that can damage equipment; specifically hand scrapers or wire brushes.

Ingersoll Rand: Ingersoll Rand named Official Power Tools of NASCAR

Ingersoll Rand has been announced as the Official Power Tools of NASCAR, which formalizes a relationship one of the global leaders of reliable and innovative power tools has had with the sanctioning body since the 1950s.

The agreement will also see Ingersoll Rand named as an official partner for IMSA, and a contingency sponsor for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and NASCAR Touring & Weekly Series.

Ingersoll Rand’s mission, among other things over the course of this new five-year partnership, is to further recognize both current and the next generation of crews and also to further work to integrate NASCAR’s fan base with the tools themselves.

“We have a long history in racing, going back to when in 1959 we introduced the thunder gun, which is used by most of the pit crews today,” John Evans, President, Ingersoll Rand power tools, told MotorSportsTalk in an interview.

“There is a desire about high performance cars, whether you’re in the pits or working on an assembly plant, where people want a high performance tool. We have a lot of demographic evidence to support that.”

“They’ve really been a constant force in the garage, so this is a natural extension of their involvement,” added Jim O’Connell, chief sales officer, NASCAR. “They’ve been organically involved. Then they want to get the same message out to fans and consumers.

“We understand fans think about sponsorship differently than any other sport. They are apt to try the products because they support our sport, and NASCAR gives them the seal of approval. We believe in them. It’s a great fit of a product used in our sport, used by people watching our sport.”

The grassroots level, within the Touring & Weekly Series, will see a more tangible fan-first approach as part of the new partnership.

One of Ingersoll Rand’s new programs is its new Home Tracks Text-to-Win contest for fans at tracks throughout the season. Fans will have opportunities to win an Ingersoll Rand prize pack and meet-and-greets with pit crews and other high-profile racing and automotive personalities.

“Fans have the opportunity to test on the actual tools used by the pit crew members,” Evans said. “So that will include changing the tires, matching wits.

“We have some folks on our team that used to be in crews. It helps create a family atmosphere. That helps everyone kind of get the feel of racing. Folks that go to races already have some of that.”

“This extends our ties to the sport,” said Brian Welborn, global channel marketing leader, Ingersoll Rand. “Our focus is beyond the Sprint Cup, with the Home Tracks part of it. This is us getting back to the roots of racing, and being part of the Home Tracks communities.”

Welborn expanded on the Sprint Cup contingency program and IMSA official partnership.

“Part of our contingency program for Sprint Cup is to celebrate the crew chiefs and mechanics,” Welborn explained. “The ‘Power Move Award’ is what we’re calling it. This gives us a chance to celebrate those folks.

“The IMSA tie-in will involve our vision for how we participate in racing. We have a team we sponsor in Rebel Rock Racing. With sports cars, fans tend to focus on the car brands more than teams and drivers. So this will be about customer engagement and getting fans out there in a great atmosphere.”

O’Connell said further activation plans beyond what is being announced today – including with both of NASCAR’s TV partners for 2015 in FOX and NBC – are still being determined, but expected to progress.

One of Welborn’s other notes was about a crew chief that stood out for him, in the form of Kevin Harvick’s crew chief Rodney Childers.

“My first kind of entrée to crews, as I have only been part of the show for a couple years, came during champion’s week when we got an intro to Rodney Childers. He’s a great guy. The more we are introduced to these guys in the sport really helps fit with our brand, to be authentic and real.”

IceTech: How can on site dry ice production improve cold chain logistics?

The cold chain relies on thermal packaging solutions and logistical planning to protect the contents of a shipment. If a shipment needs to be frozen, the most efficient way is to provide a sub-zero atmosphere with dry ice

At a temperature of -109˚F or -79˚C, dry ice acts as a very powerful refrigeration tool. Dry ice is 3x more effective than ice from water. Dry ice is odor free, non-toxic, and incombustible, making it the perfect shipping solution.

On site dry ice production allows for the ultimate control in cold chain management. Dry ice allows for more flexibility with temperature sensitive shipments because it is capable of maintaining the desired temperature longer than other shipping methods. Producing dry ice on demand provides a more favorable solution than traditional ice from water and gel packs. Instead of melting into liquid, dry ice sublimates, or turns into gas. This eliminates the risk of damaged shipments.

IceTech: What are the benefits of dry ice blasting?

Dry ice blasting is a revolutionary blasting method that replaces traditional cleaning. In contrast to other blasting methods, dry ice cleaning leaves behind zero secondary waste. One of the hidden costs associated with other blasting methods is the cleanup afterward. Dry ice blasting equipment utilizes dry ice pellets that turn into gas (sublimate) upon contact which helps reduce waste disposal.

Cleaning equipment with dry ice gives operators the ability to clean while parts remain online at operating temperature. This helps reduce, and in some case eliminate maintenance downtime due to cleaning. 

The cost to replace damaged equipment due to abrasive maintenance can be eliminated with dry ice cleaning. Dry ice blasting is a non-abrasive cleaning method, so wear and tear due to maintenance can be avoided.

Ingersoll Rand: Ingersoll Rand Introduces Revolutionary Compressed Air and Gas Technologies

Company debuts new centrifugal, rotary compressors and air treatment products designed to advance the reliability, energy efficiency, productivity of compressed air and gas systems

Ingersoll Rand, a global leader in compressed air and gas systems and services, power tools, material handling and fluid management equipment, debuts new innovations that advance the productivity, reliability and efficiency of compressed air and gas operations today at the 2015 ComVac show at HANNOVER MESSE, Germany. In addition to showcasing its existing line of complete compressor solutions, parts, accessories and services, Ingersoll Rand is debuting the following new products and product lines at the show:

-       The RS-Series Contact-Cooled Rotary Screw Air compressors.

-       A line of three new dryers including the Ingersoll Rand Sub-Freezing Air Dryer (SFD), XL series refrigeration air dryers and Ingersoll Rand D1800IB – ABV advanced heated blower.

-       The TURBO-AIR NX 12000 Centrifugal Compressor.

-       TURBO-DRI Air Treatment portfolio. 

“Ingersoll Rand has invested in broadening our portfolio, enhancing our energy efficient solutions and building on our proven record of reliability. The results of these efforts are on display at our two ComVac booths where visitors can see how air works and experience our compressed air and gas systems that are engineered to excel,” said Manlio Valdés, president Ingersoll Rand Compressed Air Systems and Services. “We have been eagerly anticipating ComVac 2015 because we have so much to share at the show — new offerings for our customers, and our recently acquired Engineered Centrifugal Compression business.”

This is the first public exhibit from Ingersoll Rand since it acquired the assets of Cameron International Corporation’s Centrifugal Compression division in January of this year; a move that enhanced its offering in air separation, process gas and highly-specified engineered air markets. Ingersoll Rand will exhibit products and services from its expansive portfolio at stands C14 and C08 in Hall 26.

New Compressed Air and Gas System Offerings
The RS-Series Rotary Screw Air Compressors (RS-Series 37-160 kW, 50-200 hp) is a new, intelligent range of units that provide market-leading compressed air solutions with top-tier efficiency, performance and reliability. The RS-Series includes one of the most efficient airends manufactured in the more than 140 year history of Ingersoll Rand, providing for smooth, cool and quiet operations. For increased performance control, the RS-Series features the recently enhanced Xe-145 controller granting access to the compressed air system, both locally through Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi® or Ethernet, and remotely through the web or a cellular connection. Utilizing leak-reducing V-Shield Technology and a variable speed motor, the RS-Series can improve energy efficiency by up to 55 percent, compared to market average fixed speed compressors.

Ingersoll Rand provides customers a variety of choices with two of three new dryers using next-generation refrigerants with low global warming potential (GWP) to increase sustainable operations.

-       The Ingersoll Rand Sub-Freezing air dryer (SFD) offers refrigeration technology for various industrial applications with performance usually achieved by desiccant technology. The SFD delivers sub-freezing pressure dew point and consistent Class 3 air quality regardless of working load, ambient conditions or compressor type.

-       For highly demanding industrial customers, Ingersoll Rand is introducing the 100-400 m3/min – 50 Hz Ingersoll Rand XL series refrigeration air dryers. The XL Series dryers offer up to a 50 percent lower pressure drop as compared to standard dryers with new compact, modular design improvements that increase serviceability and maintenance.

-       A hybrid solution, the Ingersoll Rand D1800IB – ABV is an advanced heated blower dryer system ideal for drying large volumes of instrument or process air. The cooling assembly design eliminates temperature and pressure dew point spikes, ensuring a stable -40 degree dew point during tower switch over for maximum performance and reliability.

The TURBO-AIR NX 12000 Centrifugal Compressor is an integrally-geared centrifugal, oil-free compressor with robust design features that increase flow and optimize efficiency in a compact footprint. The TURBO-AIR NX 12000 provides some of the lowest total life cycle costs of any compressor, enabling customers to be competitive by realizing savings throughout its operational life.

The TURBO-DRI Air Treatment portfolio features a complete range of 50 and 60 Hz refrigerant and desiccant dryer models and filtration products designed to optimize compressed air systems, regardless of the site conditions or compressed air system applications. TURBO-DRI refrigerated dyers include both cycling and non-cycling types from 500-19,000 scfm and TURBO-DRI desiccant dyers are available in heatless, heated, blower purge and heat of compression models.

Ingersoll Rand: Random Orbital Sanders

8100MAX Random Orbital Sander NEW

Expanding the Ingersoll Rand MAX legacy, 8100MAX Series Random Orbital Sanders deliver MAX Power and MAX Productivity for all of your body, prep, and finishing work. These lightweight, 6.3″ sanders now offer a new level of MAX Comfort, with less vibration and an ergonomic design.

Features & Benefits

    MAX Comfort

    • Low vibration and lightweight ergonomic design reduce operator fatigue

    MAX Power

    • Powerful 0.27 hp motor and variable-speed regulator deliver the performance required for ALL of your finishing jobs

    MAX Productivity

    • Reduced vibration and improved stability increase abrasive pad life and help create a smoother finish

    Ingersoll Rand: 2235 Series

    Introducing the Ingersoll Rand 2235 Series Impactool™. Packing 1350 ft-lbs of nut-busting torque and weighing in at only 4.6 lbs, the 2235 has the best power-to-weight ratio of any impact wrench on the market. Its reliability is legendary, featuring a titanium hammercase and steel-wear plate to protect its finely tuned twin-hammer impact mechanism. It’s been rigorously tested, beaten up, dropped and pushed to the limits to make sure it will always work when you need it most. The 2235 Series is a powerful, durable and reliable workhorse that delivers every time you need REAL WORK done right.

    It's Not Just a New Impact Wrench. It's THE New Impact Wrench. Introducing the 2235 Series Impactool™. A powerful, durable and reliable workhorse whose reputation is built on helping you build yours, because you don't do a job halfway, and neither do our tools. Visit THEIMPACTWRENCH.COM to learn more about the tool.

    Ingersoll Rand: Ingersoll Rand Expands Line of Precision Fastening Tools with QX Series High Torque Angle Wrench

    Ingersoll Rand, a global leader in reliable and innovative power tools, has expanded its QX Series™ of cordless power tools for assembly markets by introducing the new High Torque Angle Wrench. The new angle wrench reaches a pinnacle of 60 newton metres of torque (44.2 foot-pounds) for the toughest jobs, while providing high accuracy and comfort the QX Series is known for.

    The QX Series delivers the right tool for the right job in industries that require high accuracy for fastening and connecting parts, whether in the heavy equipment, light manufacturing, automotive or aerospace sectors.

    “Our assembly manufacturing customers asked for power tools with higher torque and higher speeds to address the needs of advanced manufacturing methods and new materials,” said Brian Welborn, global channel marketing leader, Ingersoll Rand Power Tools. “Our experts have delivered all that in the High Torque Angle Wrench – a versatile tool that meets the specific demands of a variety of applications, whether simple or complex, while maintaining comfort, accuracy and reliability.”

    High Torque Angle Wrench Reaches New Heights of Torque and Speed

    The High Torque Angle Wrench is a cordless, right-angle fastening tool that expands the QX Series to cover high-torque applications and compliment the existing range of Haz Tools, Precision Screwdrivers and low-torque Angle Wrenches already available. It is equipped with a bolstered 40-volt battery that delivers 2.5 amp hours of operation, enough to power the tool through a grueling five to six hour assembly shift without having to recharge the battery.

    The High Torque Angle Wrench is ergonomically balanced to increase operator comfort, and comes in a sleek but tough, black housing. It comes in five different model variations that range from low torque to high torque options, with or without wireless capabilities. The models are available in the following torque to free speed ratios:

    • 20 Nm (14.75 ft.-lb.) at 1,045 RPM
    • 30 Nm (22 ft.-lb.) at 775 RPM
    • 35 Nm (25.8 ft.-lb.) at 640 RPM
    • 40 Nm (29.5 ft.-lb.) at 540 RPM
    • 60 Nm (44.2 ft.-lb.) at 375 RPM

    The Technology in the QX Series High Torque Angle Wrench

    The QX Series High Torque Angle Wrench is built with Ingersoll Rand’s patented closed-loop transducer control at the heart of the tool, delivering precise torque and accurate, traceable results. The multi-function display is the interface for programming multiple torque, speed and angle configurations—saving time and eliminating the need for additional tools.

    It features a wireless communication option that integrates the tool and the assembly line into a true plant-wide network with managed data, process control and the ability to adjust tool configurations in real time. Like all QX Series tools, the communications to and from the tool are exchanged over Ingersoll Rand’s dedicated Process Control Module (PCM). The PCM allows connectivity of up to 10 tools per module to give operators total control of their assembly line, precision fastening tools, and the valuable fastening data it produces.

    “More and more manufacturers are finding that the highest operational cost in the plant is the cost of quality,” says Mark Hasz, product manager, Precision Fastening Tools, Ingersoll Rand. “Manufacturers need an assembly process and the corresponding tools that get the job done right, the first time. With traceability and connected technology options in every tool, the Ingersoll Rand QX Series enhances the assembly process with diligent tracking mechanisms.”

    For more information on Ingersoll Rand Power Tools, please visit or; or follow Ingersoll Rand on Twitter at @IRProducts or on Instagram at @IRTools.

    Watson Marlow: New Bredel APEX35 hose pump cuts maintenance costs at ‘energy from waste’ plant

    • Trial sees APEX35 run longer than existing PC pump without maintenance
    • Fewer parts to replace during maintenance operations, at much lower cost
    • Maintenance routines far quicker

    The trial of a new APEX35 hose pump from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group at EEW Saarbrücken GmbH, a producer of energy from waste, has indicated the significant potential savings in pump maintenance costs. Not only is the APEX35 pump able to run without clogging, for a much longer period when pumping abrasive brine at EEW, but downtime and the cost of replacement parts is reduced greatly.

    EEW Saarbrücken GmbH, MHKW Pirmasens operates a waste-heat power plant in Pirmasens, Germany. Each year the facility recycles around 180,000 tons of waste, generating around 75,000 MWh of electricity (enough for 20,000 households) as well as 25,000 MWh of district heating (enough for 2000 households). These figures also allow some 52 million litres of heating oil to be saved in energy production every year.

    Abrasive slurry

    Among the site’s operations is the separation of crystalline sodium chloride from its highly concentrated solution in the process water before disposal. Here, a special centrifuge is used as a thickener to separate the solution from the abrasive salt slurry (density 2.16 kg/l), which is called brine or ‘solebrei’.

    EEW has been using a progressive cavity pump to feed the centrifuge (flooded suction, 1 bar back pressure), for approximately 1.5 hours every 3-4 hours in a 24/7 operation. However, the abrasive nature of the brine demanded the repair of the pc pump stator or rotor every month, along with occasional replacement of the linings. Furthermore, not only would it take a minimum of four hours to perform the repairs (using expensive replacement consumables), but the pump would also have to be removed from the process line.

    Dissatisfied with the situation, plant engineers at EEW requested a trial of the new Bredel APEX35 hose pump. This model was selected because it was thought to offer the greatest potential maintenance savings in this abrasive handling, intermittent duty application. The results were nothing short of impressive.

    Outstanding results

    During the first six months of the trial, the APEX35 required no maintenance whatsoever. Additionally, as the only wear part in APEX pumps is the hose, this could be replaced quickly (20 minutes) and easily without removing it from the process line. Considering that a replacement stator alone for the progressive cavity pump is thought to cost around €1500, the projected payback period for the APEX35 hose pump is extremely short. In addition, there is the saving in inventory as only the hose will need to be kept in stock.

    When handling abrasive substances, a major advantage of hose pumps is that they have no costly wearing components like seals, valves, membranes, stators, rotors or glands to maintain. Self-priming, dry running, and with no internal valves, hose pump technology also helps users improve their processes by eliminating troublesome ancillary items like anti-siphon valves, back-pressure valves, degassing valves or run-dry protection. Consequently, APEX hose pumps are perfectly suited for handling difficult fluids – abrasive, corrosive, viscous, shear-sensitive, gaseous, crystallising, or even fluids with a combination of these properties.

    Watson Marlow: Bredel's newly expanded APEX hose pump range delivers improved process uptime and significantly reduces pump maintenence

    • Seal-less, valve-less design of two new hose pump models lowers total cost of ownership
    • More reliable than air-operated diaphragm pumps and progressive cavity pumps in chemical or abrasive applications
    • Newly expanded flow range to 6,200 litres/hour at 8 bar

    Bredel Hose Pumps (part of Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group) has added two new models to its APEX range of seal-less, valve-less hose pumps.  Widening the APEX performance envelope to 6,200 litres/hour at pressures of up to 8 bar, the new APEX28 and APEX35 pumps offer significant capex and opex savings compared to other pump technologies in chemically aggressive or abrasive applications.   

    User feedback

    Recent international product trials across a range of applications have put the new APEX models to the test in process-critical abrasive slurry transfer operations. User feedback has demonstrated that, when compared with existing pump technologies such as air-operated diaphragm pumps and progressive cavity pumps, the new APEX models can extend the time between scheduled maintenance intervals dramatically.

    Proven savings

    The most notable feedback relates to significant reductions in abrasive wear on the previous pumps. For example, one of the trials undertaken in the USA showed that, while the user’s existing air-operated diaphragm pumps need to be maintained every 7 or 10 days, the APEX35 ran continuously for over three months without maintenance. Additionally, there was no requirement for compressed air which equated to another significant saving.

    The impressive results in the USA were not in isolation: a brine dosing application in Germany showed that during the first six months of the trial, the APEX35 required no maintenance whatsoever and the operator made huge savings over the downtime previously experienced each month with a progressive cavity pump.

    Uptime and process continuity

    In addition to the financial benefits associated with reduced maintenance, APEX pumps have been engineered to deliver additional cost savings through increased uptime and process continuity.

    Precision machined hose elements and optimised hose compression, combined with medium pressure operation, enable the pumps to meter or transfer fluids reliably and accurately for long, uninterrupted periods of time.

    The trials in Germany demonstrated that project payback periods for APEX are expected to be extremely short; as the only wear part in APEX pumps is the hose, which can be replaced quickly and easily, without removing it from the process line.

    Reduced spares inventory

    With no internal valves, Bredel APEX hose pump technology also helps users improve their processes by eliminating troublesome ancillary equipment such as anti-siphon valves, back-pressure valves, degassing valves or run-dry protection. Finally customers can simplify spares inventory and need to keep just a single part – the hose - in stock.

    Lakos: Primary Metals - Steel

    Iron and Steel Production

    Wise use of process water is essential to operating a high efficiency steel or iron plant.  Effective water filtration is essential to an integrated solution.  LAKOS Separators are commonly used in these applications to remove everything from fine particles to heavy solids loads. Mill scale, dirt, and other settleable solids are easily removed through centrifugal action separators, and requires little to no maintenance. Preventing clogs in spray nozzles for water and coolants is a common application.

    The LAKOS eJPX System is a great solution for many descaling, sump, and other process water challenges.  Get the eJPX brochure (LS-970) and watch the VIDEO to see how it removes solids from liquids in steel applications.

    Download the Steel Filtration Brochure, LS-740 or read the White Paper (LS-564) explaining the importance of clean water to efficient steel production.