An Ounce of Prevention

  • Highly trained and certified service technicians
  • Reduced overall costs via regular maintenance visits

A condition-based, preventative maintenance program for your compressed air system not only will prevent lost production time, it also will more than pay for itself as it saves your company money.

“Times have changed as technology has changed,” explained Jeff Sullivan, Director of Services at Process & Power Incorporated. “It used to be that maintaining, servicing and repairing your compressed air system was simply a matter of looking over your system a few hours each month and changing a few filters. Today, keeping your system operating at peak efficiency requires thorough knowledge of the technology, an investment in monitoring equipment and ongoing employee training.”

Process & Power’s preventative maintenance program is designed with one goal in mind — to keep your company running efficiently while reducing overall costs through regular and thorough maintenance, Sullivan said.

Process & Power’s program offers highly trained and certified service technicians who are qualified to service all types of air compressor units, a 19-point inspection of the dryer system and a 47-point inspection of the air compressor system. The latter includes a general inspection of the equipment and electrical system and intensive diagnostic tools that involve shock pulse monitoring and analysis of coolant, condensate, vibration, desiccant, motor condition, fluid and air quality. Besides looking for potential problems, Process & Power’s service includes all required maintenance, motor lubrication, calibration of control systems, cleaning of condensate drains, oil change and replacing air filter elements.

“Our proactive program of preventative maintenance will positively impact your operations,” Sullivan said. “You will avoid emergencies and costly down time. Our sophisticated diagnostic tools will identify potential problems before they arise so you can better budget for them.”

With proper maintenance, your compressed air system will deliver many years of reliable service, Sullivan said. “Our responsive and flexible contract maintenance program is done on your schedule. It is designed to keep your compressed air system running at peak performance. Evidence shows that compressors maintained by factory supported PM programs run longer and more reliably.”
“The value of our program lies in the future cost savings to a company by reducing unexpected down time, costly emergency repairs and replacing equipment prior to catastrophic failure,” said Stuart Bassett, President, Process & Power. “Over time, our system creates a baseline of how the machine is working, making identifying issues easier.”

The frequency of the maintenance varies by customer, Sullivan said. “We have a client that sees the value of our program as so integral to his operation that the company has outsourced it to us and we have a technician onsite every day. We also find that through preventative maintenance, we find issues others do not. In one case, our technician discovered a motor lead wire was hot due to a loose connection, which if gone undetected would have probably burned up the motor within a month.”

Process & Power’s service technicians are among the most highly trained and experienced in the field, he said. “Our technicians train every year with Ingersoll Rand and are trained to work on all brands of equipment. We also conduct monthly training sessions that cover topics from how systems work to issues and causes.”

Within about a week after a maintenance inspection, Process & Power generates a summary report. “We send a letter to the client explaining what was found. We recommend changes and repairs based on the data, along with upgrades, pricing and a time frame for completion. If a critical issue is found, I will call the client personally to discuss a plan of action. If we find a small problem during the inspection, we fix it onsite.”

Our responsive and flexible contract maintenance program is guaranteed to keep your compressed air system running at peak performance. We hear from our customers all of the time as to how they are benefiting from the service. One client noticed maintenance costs were cut in half and down time was minimal. Another reported they had no down time one quarter, which set a plant record. “

The true value of the program, emphasized Bassett, “is that it pays for itself. The client can see the report on equipment condition within a week and formulate a plan on how to address the issues before they arise.”

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