Automation Offers Big Savings

A new family of central controls for industrial compressed air systems can be customized to your company’s needs, eliminating waste and offering savings on your energy bill and a short pay back period. The X-Series System Automation Package, introduced by Ingersoll Rand, is offered through Process & Power, Inc.

“As much as 20 to 60 percent of the energy used to operate compressed air systems is wasted,” said Lee Majors, Vice President of Engineering Services for Process & Power. “Central control of your air compressors creates efficiency and cost savings. The versatile and innovative Ingersoll Rand X-Series System eliminates wastes by efficiently managing up to twelve compressors. The X-Series can work with your existing compressors, regardless of the brand, differing capacities and types.”

In the past, Majors explained, capabilities now found in the X-Series would have required a custom engineered system that could easily have cost four to five times what this central-control system costs. “The price of the cost-effective X-Series varies with the range of capabilities needed for your system,” he added.

Majors described some of the many benefits of the X-Series:

  • Sold in modules, the X-Series can be customized for each customer’s needs. You don’t have to pay for features you don’t need or can’t use.
  • It can be applied with any manufacturer’s air compressors or a combination of brands.
  • The X-Series handles different types of controls, including VFD-controlled compressors. This capability often is available only with very expensive control systems.
  • The system receives input from other instrumentation, including flow meters, dew point meters and compressed air dryers.
  • The Visualization module option provides Ethernet access with its own IP address. Through your web browser, you can observe what’s happening in your compressed air system, and on an administrative level, you can make changes.
  • The X-series has the capability to send you an email alert upon a warning or alarm in the system.

Another plus is that Process & Power can provide local support for installation and training on the X-series, eliminating the need to get expensive help from elsewhere, Majors said.

Industries interested in a free evaluation of whether the X-Series can help their operation save money can contact Majors at or 800-264-8939.    

“Our first step is an on-site look at your compressed air system to determine if installing the X-Series will deliver the cost-saving results we want,” Majors said. “Finally, to help you realize even more savings, we’ll also help you tap into any incentive programs from your electricity provider for installing energy-efficient systems.”