2010 Best Practices Award

Frost and Sullivan recognizes Ingersoll Rand’s Oil-Free Compressors for excellence in customer value

The Customer Value Enhancement Award is a prestigious recognition of Ingersoll Rand’s accomplishments in oil-free compressors. It is presented each year to the company that has demonstrated excellence in implementing strategies that proactively create value for its customers with a focus on improving the return on the investment that customers make in its services or products. It recognizes Ingersoll’s Rand focus on enhancing the value that its customers receive, beyond simply good customer service.

Key Performance Drivers for Ingersoll Rand

  • Enhanced product features to address critical customer needs - Ingersoll Rand's compressors are  designed with some of the industry leading features targeted at increasing energy efficiency
  • Superior quality and reliability of products - Offer solutions that reduce risk and ensure delivery of the highest air purity possible
  • Responsiveness to varying customer needs - Designed  with advanced control features that are easy to customize,  Ingersoll Rand’s compressors facilitate efficient network integration
  • Impact of services on customer value - Ingersoll Rand  partners with customers to provide highly customized service solutions that can significantly reduce downtime