Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps

The sleek design of the peristaltic pump with it's flawless dependability in managing corrosive, abrasive, viscous, high density and highly solidified fluids, is an ideal pump for thriving when other pumps fail.  The versatile pump is able to stand up to the tough demands of the customer's expectations and is an extreme value to water and wastewater industries as well as mining and chemical processing plants.

Cutting edge design such as the smooth squeezing action that allows it to work with realistic results with the use of polymers, fragile cell cultures and flocculates, this pump handles sensitive products with absolute ease.  With a variety of choices of flow rates, pressures, and a multitude of hose and tube options, this pump provides compelling waste management to suit almost any need.

Peristaltic pumps are more visible on today's market and more industries are becoming aware of the pump's potential.  Applications of use are being made public, for instance it replaces air diaphragm pumps in the packaging and printing industries, as the peristaltic pump is able to process viscous metallic ink and is absolutely gentle on the product.  The demand for this pump is growing in the pharmaceutical, food and drink industries as well because of the ease of cleaning and sterilizing as well as the pump having no danger of contaminating the industry's product.

The skyrocketing success of this pump is due to it's fit-and forget genius.  With a lack of seals, glands and valves, this pump is economical and has low maintenance costs.  For example if anything needs to be replaced, it will be the tube or hose and is quickly and easily obtained for low fees.  As companies look for ways to minimize downtime and optimize there production, the popularity of the peristaltic pump continues to grow.

Design is the key to a peristaltic pump's success in the marketplace.  The product being pumped is contained within a reinforced hose while a rotating shoe, or roller, creates a seal between suction and discharge.  The rotor turns, sealing pressure moves through the hose, forcing the product to extract itself from the pump into the discharge line.  Pressure is released; the hose recovers and creates a vacuum, drawing in product to the suction pump, the priming mechanism.  Coupling suction and discharge creates a self-priming positive displacement pump.  The advantageous design of this pump is countless.  A perfect seal is created and there will be no slip-ups.  The pump's linear speed-flow characteristic makes it an unbeatable pump for dosing.  The liquids are securely contained within the hose or tube, benefiting in creating a hygienic environment for workers and industries.  No moving parts will clog or react with aggressive fluids, as this pump is designed without them.

Tubes and hose high-tech development has influenced the peristaltic pump's variety of applications.  Tube and hose assortments include ones resistant to corrosive chemicals, oils, fuels, high temperatures, solvents and mineral acids.  Special grade tubes and hoses are readily available for food, drink and pharmaceutical pumps.  Furthermore, exceptional advances have occurred in the manufacturing of hoses and tubes.  In the past there was a high rate of hose failure due to over-exertion and fatigue of the rubber layers and reinforcements.  Hose layers would become dis-bonded, a disintegration process.  New advancements in hose production have been developed, ensuring a uniform wall thickness, eliminating the need for secondary machinery while extending the life of the hose.

A classic and traditional application for peristaltic hose pumps has been in abrasive mining slurries having sub-micron solid contents in excess of 80 percent with specific gravity ratings of 2.0.  This pump is exclusive in its ability to handle these dense fluids.  Diaphragm pumps often clog due to the corrosive and variable nature of the reagents causing low plant efficiency and an increase in the amount of needed chemicals.  Burnt stators often mar progressive cavity pumps as they run dry.  The misfortune failures of different pump technologies have allowed the peristaltic pumps to gain popularity in these harsh environments. The peristaltic pump is high in merits and applications are varied.  There are some applications of this pump that are unique as well.

The peristaltic pump has the capability to run dry with no harmful effects, awarding its place of advantage in many different applications of use.  Paper manufactures process a huge amount of wastewater with fibrous substance, chemicals and fillers, and use of the peristaltic pump is paramount. With the low maintenance of a peristaltic pump, usage is efficient. 

The peristaltic pump handles ink with ease and bubble free in the packaging industries.  Air diaphragm pumps causes problems with handling ink in a gentle manner.  Peristaltic pumps handle fragile products such as yeast with ease and will not compromise the quail of the product.  The pump locks out harmful gases, as it is not prone to vapor lock.  These pumps are also quintessential for providing correct, accurate and reliable dosing.  The elimination of human error is fantastic to this industry as there is no risk of accidental overdose due to fatal incorrect doing errors.  This pump adheres to the Medicines Acts within the UK and delivers hygienic dispensing, guaranteed.  The very simplicity of its design makes a quick and easy to exchange tubes and no special training or tools is required, and the tubing can be safely disposed. 

The vending industry is an established customer of the peristaltic pump.  Sub-zero temperatures are not an issue for the pump.  In cold climates, chocolate syrup becomes highly viscous.  To relieved a high quality hot chocolate with a strict adherence to hygiene, in the correct measurements with a consistent flow rate, the vending industry turns to the use of a peristaltic pump.  With high suction and quality product, this pump is applicable for superior suction results.

The general attributes of the peristaltic pump are well rounded, making it a top choice for heavy-duty applications as well as lighter applications.  The seal-less design, gentle pumping action, high suction durability, low maintenance, reversible operation, hygienic qualities and it's amazing capacity to run dry without adverse side- effects makes this technology sharp and useful for many industry tasks.