LAKOS Separators

Keeping your process liquids free of suspended solids doesn’t need to be troublesome or create downtown at your plant. “At Process and Power Inc., we offer our clients LAKOS separators — the market leaders in centrifugal separation technology,” said John Perry, Pump Sales Manager for Process and Power Inc.   

“Instead of creating extra work or inefficiencies in the process, LAKOS separators effectively and efficiently cut down on sediment buildup in your heat exchangers, get rid of suspended solids and dramatically increase the amount of time your equipment can operate before needing to be cleaned,” Perry explained.

“LAKOS separators use centrifugal action to remove solids from your process liquids,” he added. “This extends the effective life of those liquids, and it protects your process equipment from abrasive wear and fouling. The added benefit, of course, is that it reduces downtime and maintenance, reduces solid waste handling and its cost, and keeps your fluid systems operating at optimum efficiency.”

LAKOS separators work better than competitors because they …
• Have no moving parts to wear out
• Have no screens, cartridges, cones or filter elements to clean or replace
• Need no backwashing
• Require no routine maintenance or downtime
• Have no need for standby equipment
• Have low and steady pressure loss
• Are easily automated with no system shutdowns, eliminating downtime at your plant
• Are compact with space-saving profiles.
• Provide an effective concentration of solids for easy disposal or recovery

Centrifugal separation used in LAKOS separators employs the principles of velocity and gravity to achieve performance, Perry said. Essentially, heavier particles can be removed more easily and at predictably smaller particle sizes. The separators have an improved performance when re-circulating liquids by being able to remove an increasingly greater percentage of even finer solids.

In the LAKOS separators, liquids and solids are drawn through patented slots and accelerated into a separation chamber. Centrifugal action directs particles heavier than the liquid to the perimeter of the separation chamber. Solids gently drop along the perimeter and into a collection chamber while the clean liquid exits.

LAKOS satisfies the material and manufacturing requirements of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and offers ASME code constructions, Perry said. All parts of the LAKOS separation equipment are easy to install.

Industries that have successfully used LAKOS separators in their operations include automotive; food processing; primary metals; process cooling; municipal services, such as wastewater pretreatment; metal working fluids; vehicle wash systems; mining operations; pulp and paper mills; fuel distribution systems; oil and gas industry; power plants; industrial laundries; and glass and plastic plants.

LAKOS separators come in different models to meet your specific needs. Additional options include LAKOS purge valves, diffusers, purge liquid concentrators and equipment to handle and remove the disposed solids. Value-added accessories offered by Process and Power include inlet/outlet spools with couplings, a complete set of spare valve liners, inlet/outlet pressure gauges with Petcock valves, and a manual isolation valve for purge outlet.

“Let Process and Power create a solution unique to your separation process,” said Perry. “Lakos separators offer improved performance over other separators. Call us at (901) 362-5500 or (800) 264-8939 for more information.”