Ingersoll Rand Releases ARO Pro Series One Piece Diaphragm Service Kit

Ingersoll Rand, a world leader in creating and sustaining safe, comfortable and efficient environments, has released a one piece diaphragm pump service kit to replace traditional two piece diaphragm pump service kits. The Ingersoll Rand ARO PRO Series one piece diaphragm service kit is available for 1″, 1.5″ and 2″ diaphragm pumps.

The one piece diaphragm service kit features advanced technologies, making it safer, more efficient and reliable than two piece kits. Made of composite polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) for high chemical resistance, the one piece diaphragm is designed to keep the fluid from coming in contact with seals, preventing potentially hazardous leaks. It is suitable for strong, corrosive environments and permeable fluids, which helps safeguard the environment and increase worker safety. These advanced technologies make the one piece diaphragm pump ideal for clean in process (CIP) operations, corrosive and permeable fluid transfers and applications with strict environmental requirements. The new ARO PRO Series pump is available for most fluid materials and transportation tasks in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, dairy, chemical, paint and electronics industries.

“If a manufacturer uses a two piece diaphragm and it ruptures, the fluid can contaminate the inner section or side of the pump,” said Ken Boyce, product manager – ARO diaphragm pumps, Ingersoll Rand. “Depending on the fluid material, it could damage the seal, inner side of the pump and, potentially, expose workers to hazardous materials, leading to dangerous, costly and time-intensive repairs. We are pleased to give manufacturers a one piece solution that is more durable than traditional two piece diaphragms with the ARO PRO Series one piece diaphragm.”

The one piece diaphragm has a patented thread rod design that limits the stroke, improving performance and extending the life of the product up to three times longer than traditional two piece diaphragm pumps. Ingersoll Rand manufactures the one piece diaphragm pump with a leak-free design to meet industrial requirements, ensuring continuous operation. It has a dead-corner-free design which prevents fluid from gathering in corners and contaminating other materials; and makes the pump easier to clean. Boasting a safe operating range between14° and 194° F (-10° to 90° C), the one piece diaphragm pump is suitable for low temperature environments.

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