Retrofit Cooling Systems Operate Efficiently Thanks To Filtration

Energy-saving technology is constantly evolving and improving to be more efficient than ever before. Every year researchers, engineers, and scientists conduct research studies and products to improve energy efficiency in our hotels, schools, hospitals, office buildings, and more.

Cooling tower filtration in large buildings like those in New York City is essential to energy and water savingsA recent 2013 energy report this year found that some new energy efficient buildings were actually less energy efficient than older buildings that were retrofitted with the latest energy saving equipment.

According to these reports, newer buildings in Manhattan, like 7 World Facilities like the world famous Empire State Building retrofit their equipment to energy saving technologyTrade Center, received a lower energy efficiency score than much older buildings like the Empire State Building, which has been retrofitted in recent years. The historic Empire State building has already cut energy use by 20%, and will save the owners an estimated $4.4 million a year!

Updating older buildings with energy efficient equipment is a proven way to conserve energy resources. In fact, an NBI study found that retrofitting older buildings with energy saving equipment "resulted in energy use 50% less than the national average." These results show that new, energy efficient equipment installed in new or old buildings plays a vital role in improving energy efficiency around the world.

HVAC Efficiency Is A Global Concern

Retrofit energy solutions aren’t exclusive to the United States. Countries around the world are taking advantage of upgrading older facilities to meet modern day energy standards. In China, the government is implementing a five year plan to retrofit a remarkable 4 million square meters of building space. That’s equivalent to 16 Empire State Buildings!

Tucked away in the lush foliage of the Costa Rican Peninsula Papagayo coastline, a luxury resort had a unique problem. In addition to maintaining energy and water savings, they had to deal with beach sand and debris entering their cooling system. This debris was entering their cooling tower, preventing it from operating at optimum efficiency. The ideal tropical location wasn’t so ideal for hotel’s the cooling tower. They found their solution in a LAKOS TowerClean Separator. The patented HydroBooster water nozzles easily swept the basin debris into the separator where it was efficiently removed from the system with zero water loss or maintenance, all while using minimal amounts of energy.


New eSolutions Products Designed for Energy Efficiency

One big way these large buildings can improve their energy efficiency is through water filtration. A filter or separator can clean and protect cooling tower basins, heat exchangers, spray nozzles, and chiller tubes from unwanted solids build up and fouling. Centrifugal separators have been proven to reduce maintenance costs, energy use, and water loss, all while effectively keeping cooling systems clean and protected.

One company is leading the charge in energy efficient filtration for these large buildings. Just this year, LAKOS Separators and Filtration Solutions launched their third generation of unique filtration solutions: a line of eSolution separators and filters that offer finer filtration using less energy. This new product line has been specially engineered with strict energy compliance guidelines in mind.

On a single pass with the new eHTX Separator, 98% of particulates down to 44 microns can be removed from a cooling system, all while using minimal amounts of energy, water, or maintenance. These separators use patented centrifugal technology to easily remove unwanted solids that can hinder system efficiency.


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