Filtration: Superhero of Industrial Processing

Superheroes are always swooping in to save those in distress or defeating bad guys. But men and women in tight suits and capes aren’t the only superheroes out there. Filtration is the unsung hero of industrial processes, swooping in to protect equipment while defeating the bad guys - unwanted solids build-up.

These unsung heroes of solids removal can be found in industrial processes in every industry around the world. From cooking oil filtration in a snack food factory, to equipment protection in an ethanol plant, or to spray nozzle protection in a steel plant, separator superheroes save the day on a regular basis.

Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel don’t play in U.S. theaters until this summer, but they’re already developing a lot of hype as some of the most anticipated films of 2013. It’s no wonder that these beloved characters have stood the test of time, drawing more fans with every movie, video game, or toy. Both Iron Man and Superman, the Man of Steel, are iconic figures of strength and endurance, just like the materials that are their namesakes.

Because the iron and steelmaking processes are so important, it’s essential that steel manufacturing equipment is clean and functioning at all times. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the production process, this can often be a challenge. Mill scale, slag, dirt and other fines can clog spray nozzles or settle in basins and scale pits, causing operations involving water, like cooling and de-scaling, to be compromised.

Filtration To The Rescue
The best defense against these industrial villains is filtration. Industrial processes demand clean water for operating efficiency. A separator (or multiple separators used in a series) is the best way to combat clogging or fouling.

A centrifugal-action separator installed before descaling or cooling nozzles can remove settleable solids before they can clog. If a separator is installed before a cooling tower, the filtration system can remove solids before they can damage the tower or the manufacturing process. This provides better energy efficiency, cleaner water, and less downtime. Strategically placed filtration is the superhero for improved product quality in the steelmaking process.

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