Air Compressor Buyer's Guide How to Pick the Perfect Air Compressor

Consumer-grade air compressors are made for smaller air needs around the house. If you need to inflate sporting goods, toys and tires and not much more, this is the right grade for you.

Consumer compressors can do more than just inflate things though. They can run air tools without large air needs, such as brad guns and staplers.

However, if you want to run big tools or multiple ones at the same time, you'll need to get a more powerful compressor.

Contractor-grade air compressors are built to withstand the rigors of a job-site. Designed with building professionals in mind, these are portable, either hand-carry, on a wheeled cart or attached to a vehicle.

Contractor-grade compressors can be utilized for a myriad of purposes, but are primarily used to power nail-guns and roadside repair tools.

If you're constantly running multiple air tools and have very large
air demands, look to commercial-grade compressors.

If you need a steady supply of compressed air day-in, day-out, commercial-grade air compressors are perfect for you. These heavy-duty compressors feature the most advanced technology and superior performance.

Commercial air compressors are found in auto-body shops, manufacturing facilities and for extreme applications such as powering roller coasters and machinery on oil rigs.

The price tags on commercial-grade compressors reflect the high-quality and performance, necessitated by the most demanding compressed air needs.

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