How can you utilize dry ice blasting for delicate cleaning?

Already recognized as being a non-abrasive cleaning process, dry ice cleaning is gaining notoriety for its delicate cleaning properties. It is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry for cleaning surgical devices and catheter tips. Dry ice blasting is also a popular tool for cleaning electrical components in any industry.

When cleaning with dry ice for delicate applications it’s important to remember to use the Ice Splitter.  The Splitter breaks the dry ice pellets down into a smaller granulate. When included in the IT-3 kit the Splitter comes with three changeable screens. Consider using a smaller screen when cleaning sensitive parts. This reduces the surface area the dry ice pellets can pass through, causing them to break apart smaller before passing through the screen. When using the Splitter it’s important to monitor your air and ice consumption to prevent clogging.

JR WilliamsonComment