What are the benefits of producing your own dry ice?

Every year thousands of temperature sensitive shipments are wasted due to broken cold chains. When it comes to these deliveries sustaining an efficient cold chain strategy is essential. The best way to make sure the shipment temperature is maintained is to protect it with a plan that allows for more control.

The best way to gain flexibility with temperature sensitive shipments is to produce dry ice on site. This supplies the ultimate control in cold chain management. Producing dry ice on demand eliminates compromised shipments due to spoilage, damage, and waste.

There are several different dry ice machines, and the most popular for temperature sensitive shipments is the dry ice pelletizer, IceMaker 350. These dry ice makers allow end users to produce dry ice pellets on demand. The best way to maximize the efficiency of dry ice production is to utilize a machine that uses hydraulic and close chamber technology. This dry ice equipment allows end users to start producing dry ice almost immediately, which saves 90% of the start-up liquid CO2 over other pelletizers.

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JR WilliamsonComment