IceTech: How can on site dry ice production improve cold chain logistics?

The cold chain relies on thermal packaging solutions and logistical planning to protect the contents of a shipment. If a shipment needs to be frozen, the most efficient way is to provide a sub-zero atmosphere with dry ice

At a temperature of -109˚F or -79˚C, dry ice acts as a very powerful refrigeration tool. Dry ice is 3x more effective than ice from water. Dry ice is odor free, non-toxic, and incombustible, making it the perfect shipping solution.

On site dry ice production allows for the ultimate control in cold chain management. Dry ice allows for more flexibility with temperature sensitive shipments because it is capable of maintaining the desired temperature longer than other shipping methods. Producing dry ice on demand provides a more favorable solution than traditional ice from water and gel packs. Instead of melting into liquid, dry ice sublimates, or turns into gas. This eliminates the risk of damaged shipments.

JR WilliamsonComment