IceTech: How is dry ice blasting used in the plastics industry

Cleaning with dry ice has become a popular method within the plastics industry. One of the most common uses for dry ice blasting is cleaning mold cavities. Molds and the plastic pouring into them can reach extreme temperatures, which can generate gas that liquefies and sticks to the mold.

Additionally, vents can get clogged with from buildup of the gases, which can destroy the mold. Utilizing dry ice cleaning for mold maintenance can reduce cleaning time by 80% and protect molds from damage from these gases.

Dry ice blasting machines are also commonly used to clean extruder screws. Most screws can be cleaned directly out of the barrel, which reduces downtime and subsequent costs. Dry ice blasting uses dry ice pellets that offer a non-abrasive cleaning method. This proves exponentially beneficial over manual cleaning methods that can damage equipment; specifically hand scrapers or wire brushes.

JR WilliamsonComment