IceTech: Is dry ice blasting safe to use in food production facilities

It’s important for food processing facilities to maintain strict guidelines for maintaining equipment. One of the challenges these facilities face is cleaning in a reasonable amount of time while still being thorough.

Utilizing dry ice blasting as a replacement for chemicals in food processing facilities allows plants to keep up with cleaning standards while making use of an eco-friendly cleaning solution. Cleaning with dry ice allows end users the ability to remove contaminants while utilizing an environmentally responsible cleaning media.

Dry ice cleaning also helps reduce water waste and any additional contamination associated with that. When facilities use water to clean equipment, they run the risk of increasing the bacteria count. Dry ice blasting utilizes food grade dry ice pellets that are EPA, FDA, and USDA approved.  Utilizing dry ice blasting can decontaminate surfaces with bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria.

JR WilliamsonComment