Turbo-Air NX 8000

"The TURBO-AIR® NX 8000 was designed with extensive engineering processes that utilize the latest advances in technology and computational methods. The TURBO-AIR NX 8000 is one of the most efficient machines in its class and features several new patent-pending designs.

  • Increased uptime — Patent pending lube system technology with integrated filters, coolers and manifold allows for a leak-free, compact and high- performance design with an impressive 99.3% availability.
  • High reliability — Our company has a long history of providing reliable products. 90% of our centrifugal compressors, built over the last 40 years, are still in operation. Rest assured, you can count on us for quality products.
  • Advanced energy savings — The TURBO-AIR NX 8000 was designed through an extensive engineering process aimed at optimizing performance across its operating range. The entire gas stream flow path was shaped with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methods to deliver optimal operating efficiency. This resulted in significantly increased energy cost savings and reduced operating expenses."

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