Extended Warranty

"AirCare Advantage Package Care is designed to help you achieve the reliable delivery of compressed air that your company depends on every day. At Ingersoll Rand, we understand that compressed air equipment is not just a purchase – it’s a long-term investment. Whether you’re in the automotive, food and beverage, iron and steel, pharmaceutical or textile industry, crucial manufacturing and processing functions depend on reliable compressed air delivery. The best way to ensure reliability and optimal performance is planned maintenance coupled with a comprehensive diagnostics program.

With the responsibilities of keeping employees working, production lines moving, and costs down, you don’t need the additional worries of maintaining your compressed air equipment. So why not leave it to the experts? As a world leader with over 130 years in the compressed air business, we know how to take care of your compressed air equipment. Our research and development teams are constantly working on innovative ways to service and maintain your equipment. Over the years, they have developed hundreds of product and process improvements that can boost the reliability and safety of existing equipment. As an Ingersoll Rand Package Care customer, you’ll have cutting-edge technology working for you all of the time."

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