Does Your Company Warrant Protection?

You never can know ahead of time what is going to happen day to day, although psychic powers would definitely save business owners a fortune.  A small leak may be sprung, or a major, on-site accident may take your entire system down.  For the clairvoyant, these problems may be avoidable with a small tweak in behavior (after all, you know what’s going to happen), but for the rest of us--we have to find other means to protect ourselves. 

AirCare Advantage PackageCare

AirCare Advantage PackageCare is Ingersoll Rand’s extended warranty plan--a five-year term of service designed with the business owner and the needs of a company in mind.  It may be a cliche, but we truly do know that things can turn on a dime, and catastrophes tend to seemingly come from nowhere.  That’s why we want to build a relationship with our client base, one built on trust, reliability, and quality of service. 

Service You Can Count On

 One of the biggest perks of our coverage plan is ready access to our staff twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  This means that any maintenance or repairs that you need handled can be seen to in a timely and consistent manner, including our highly recommended Predictive Monitoring system, which allows for early detection of issues and oversights that may become troublesome down the road.  This can be instrumental in saving you not just time and hassle, but money as well.

A Price That Will Not Wreck Your Budget

We are keenly aware that the bottom line is what most business owners are keyed up about.  Whether your business is manufacturing, food production, metallurgical processing--or whatever--you got into it to make a living, after all, and we are not insensitive to that need.  With our extended warranty coverage, we can ensure that your overhead does not get out of control by offering fixed costs for services and repairs, better inventory management, and safety requirements for staff.  Nipping problems in the bud early becomes a snap when you know you are not going to have to fret over the bill.

Happy Customers Are The Best Customers

At the end of the day, we want our company to be the most trusted name in compressed air.  That means offering the very best customer service available, the best cost-to-benefit ratio, and the best response time to issues.  With our round-the-clock availability and focus on driving down costs, the team at Ingersoll Rand is second-to-none when it comes to keeping our clients happy.  Check us out today to find out for yourself!

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