Get Audited

If your company is running a compressed air system for any reason, then you are well aware of the extreme cost that can come with such.  Compressed air systems utilize an intense amount of power--power that gets real expensive real fast.  It is not unreasonable to assume that the cost of operation for a compressed air system over its first year will be actually higher than the initial purchase price.

One upfront cost that can save you tons of money, however, is a compressed air audit.  Having a team of professional, highly trained system engineers poking and prodding through your factories and warehouses may not sound like a decent mug of tea, and it can come with a daunting price tag.  However, the financial benefits gleaned from having your system properly assessed can be astounding.

Our team will get to the bottom of any issues that may be plaguing your lines.  At Process & Power, we recognize that a decent compressed air line is as vital to your industrial needs and manufacturing requirements as clean, running water and access to the electrical grid.  In the world of industry, there is a reason compressed air is referred to as “the fourth utility.” 

By discovering, documenting, and recommending solutions for any problems that may have arisen, the Process & Power staff sets out to actively lessen your system’s impact on your company’s bottom line.   Getting a proper gauge on the amount of air you are utilizing, finding breaks in the line or leaky gaskets, and checking air quality and purity are all a part of figuring out what can be done to offset your production costs.  We can offer maintenance suggestions and system update information.  The ultimate goal, of course, being to offer recommendations that will not only improve the lifespan of your system, but utilize less resources to do so. 

Process & Power is a compression air equipment, rental, and maintenance provider servicing Jackson and Memphis, TN, Little Rock and Springdale, AR, and Tupelo, MS, as well as their surrounding areas.  We are committed to our excellent customer service requirements.  If you have some equipment needs or a service is required, you may reach us by calling (901) 362-5500 or visit our home page at

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