The Importance of Routine Maintenance

If you are looking to save money for your business in the long term, there is no better way than to keep up a consistent maintenance schedule for all of your company equipment.  Even though everyone knows in their brains that it is easier and ultimately cheaper to stop a problem early, all too often we let routine maintenance checks fall to the wayside, or worse keep them scheduled but never follow through on a thorough and complete inspection.  Remember, while the immediate expense may seem hard to bear, preventative care will almost always turn out to be far cheaper than emergency maintenance (in terms not just of money, but of time and stress as well).  Here are a few tips for maintaining equipment standards over time: 


●     Schedule That Check-Up Ahead Of Time -- Large equipment is alot like the human body: without proper upkeep and cleaning, it tends to shut down messily.  Make sure you have a qualified technician available for all equipment, and have each piece of machinery routinely inspected for performance quality issues.  Plan those maintenance checks out months in advance, so you always know when one is coming up. 

●     Take Care To Keep It Clean -- Make sure that not too much grease, grit, or grime is being left to congeal into a gunky, disgusting mess on any of your equipment.  Dirty equipment is faster to fall apart than clean (rust, corrosion, ground down ball bearings, etc. don’t help longevity, go figure).  Make sure that all employees are especially trained in the cleaning of each piece of equipment with which they work. 

●     Always Remember To Check The Filters -- Dirty filters gum up the works and make everything connected to them up its effort to try and make up the difference.  Think of it in the same way that you would that of a vacuum, a car, or truck.  No matter what piece of equipment you are dealing with, if you have a filter on the system make sure that it is regularly checked and changed or cleaned as needed. 

●     Keep A Well Trained Staff -- The importance of having a consistent maintenance worker in a factory setting is well known.  Nothing can take away from the value of having a dedicated staffer set to troubleshooting and maintaining equipment.  However, by making sure the people working the equipment are also well versed in the workings and inner systems of each machine, you might be able to more effectively stave off serious issues as their earliest signs begin to arise. 


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