Every Breath You Take

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration takes very seriously the consideration of employees’ breathing air.  They lay out stringent rules governing the subject for businesses that require strict adherence.  These rules are invaluable in protecting workers and ensuring a safe and productive work environment.  In situations that require compressed air to be fed via apparatus, there are particularly important rules to consider.  Whether the apparatus is a direct line or part of a bodysuit, the direct input of breathing air into the closed system necessarily requires careful consideration and determination.  Any fluctuation in the system or the air concoction can pose a serious danger to the individual or individuals breathing that air.  Too high of an oxygen concentration can lead to a host of issues--dangerous in many work environments--while too low of one can lead to a batch of its own (not to mention many of the same). 

The baseline for compressed breathing air is laid out by the standards determining organization the American National Standards Institute and their accredited institution, the Compressed Gas Association. These requirements include a lack of any noticeable color or scent.  Oxygen levels for compressed air must remain between 19.5 and 23.5% by volume.  Hydrocarbon (which is to say oils and compounds in the air) may only be present in a condensed state at a measurement of 5 milligrams or less per cubic meter of air.  Carbon monoxide presence may not at all exceed 10 parts per million, while carbon dioxide may be present at a ratio of 1,000 ppm, but never more.  Air compressors linked into a respirator must include air-purifiers inside the line that are clean, well maintained, and replaced as needed or as required by the manufacturer’s instructions.

Process & Power is proud to offer compressed breathing air purification that provides Grade D breathing air in keeping with OSHA standards and guidelines.   We believe fully that excellent employee health should be a vital and focused aspect of any company’s goals.  This is not just a matter of good business sense (though healthy employees are certainly happier employees, and happy people are more productive workers as has been proven time and time again).  It is a matter of basic human decency.  If you need compressed breathing air for your business, you should contact our nearest location at your earliest convenience.

Process & Power is the best, most reliable provider of compression air equipment, rental, and maintenance servicing the tri-state area of Jackson and Memphis, TN, Little Rock and Springdale, AR, and Tupelo, MS, along with their surrounding areas as well.  We are committed to excellent customer service, and have an informed and capable staff happily standing by to take care of all of your demands, whether you have need of some new manufacturing equipment, want a company overhaul, or an inspection or service visit is required, we urge you to contact us by calling (901) 362-5500 at your earliest convenience.  You can also visit our home page at https://www.processnpower.com/.



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