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It is impossible to have a productive work environment if your employees are miserable.  To be sure, no one is jumping up and down, just absolutely overjoyed to go to work every day--at least not most sane, normal human beings.  Nonetheless, there exists within the human spirit a drive to do well, and typically not just for their own personal benefit, but for others as well, especially those who have placed some measure of faith or responsibility on that person.  When an employer sets a task in front of their employees, almost every one of them would go out of their way to get it done efficiently and expediently. 

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We’re only trying to say that a lot of people, one might could argue most people carry with them at least some sense of good will towards their employers, and strive to do well in their work.  One of the fastest ways to utterly erode that sense of good will--and sap a worker’s will of any sort, frankly--is to keep a broken or poorly functioning air conditioning system. 

It does not matter whether your work environment is hot or cold, as long as you seek to keep your employees in a reasonable state.  People who are enduring undue levels of stress at work tend to become fully unhappy people (especially when it is too hot--nothing stresses a body out faster than intense heat), and unhappy people are simply not going to work as hard.  When company morale takes a hit, productivity tends to go down the tanks right along with it. 

This is not just a matter of productivity, however, but basic humanity.  OSHA’s workplace guidelines suggest maintaining a base temperature of 68-76 degrees Fahrenheit with a 20-60% level of humidity.  Of course, many work spaces fall well outside of that range, oftentimes necessarily, but it is only a guideline.  OSHA also provides a series of suggestions and protocols to deal with high temperatures at work.  Risk levels--tiered from Lower (90 or below) to Very High or Extreme (anything over 115)--are designed with a list of precautionary measures in mind for each tier.

You can find a fine selection of quality fans and chilling equipment at Process & Power.  Contact us, and we will be happy to help you figure out exactly what sort of a system you need to improve both the work environment at your business and the overall lives of your employees in one fell swoop.  Don’t let an unpleasant work setting wreck your company’s reputation among its own staffers, dragging down efficiency along with it.  Give us a shout today!

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