Kaishan USA Rotary Screw Vacuums

Advantages Of A Rotary Air Compressor From Kaishan

Kaishan rotary screw air compressors have an adjustable air output that allows low operating cost benefits. These compressors offer exceptional energy-saving performance, reducing operating costs. 

Kaishan rotary screw compressors are adaptable and come with an efficient cooling system. They can withstand high temperatures and a wide range of working conditions.  These systems have great noise reduction technology and vibration isolation. Electric rotary screw compressors from Kaishan will have better performance and fewer leakage risks compared to other types of compressors.


Other features include:

  • Rotary Screw Vacuum Technology

  • Horsepower ranges from 25HP to 250HP

  • Fixed Speed is standard

  • Options for Variable Frequency Drive