Overhauls & Airend Rebuilds

Don't Scrap It, Overhaul It

Every compressor eventually requires rebuilding to regain full performance. Process & Power service engineers can meet your needs using innovative rebuild or exchange programs on all manufacturers brand airends.

Airend Exchange Program

Reliability, performance and availability are the main reasons customers prefer the Process & Power Rotary Compressor Airend Exchange Program. This program supports oil-flooded & oil-free rotary screw compressors.

Planned airend exchanges are less costly and eliminate unscheduled interruptions to your operations and provides the most economical maintenance program for rotary compressors. The Airend Exchange Program is a three-tier solution structure. When a rotary compressor airend needs to be replaced, there are three potential solutions:

  1. New Airend - 24-hour lead time for production items, credit for core return

  2. Remanufactured Airend - short lead time, credit for core return

  3. Airend Rebuild Kit* - rebuild in field, extends downtime

* Not an option for CD airends.

Centrifugal Rotor Clean & Balance

Benefits Include

  • Prevents premature failure of the pinion and bearings

  • Keeps your compressor at peak performance

  • Allows you to continue use of your original rotor assemblies for an indefinite amount of time

The rotating assembly is one of the most critical components of your Centac air compressor. If it out of balance, your compressor will not perform to it's full potential. With normal operation of a compressor, your rotating assembly will attract a buildup of solids on the induction side of the impeller. This buildup can result in an increase in vibration on the individual stages of the compressor. The amount of acceptable vibration varies among models of compressors, however, the pinion vibration increases the probability of nuisance trips or premature failure of the pinion and bearings increases. Failures of this type can be very costly if replacement of the part is required.

To keep your compressor performing at it's full potential, Process & Power offers cleaning and balancing. By taking advantage of this OEM repair service during routine maintenance, Centac owners can continue to use their original rotor assemblies for an indefinite period of time.

New Airend & Remanufactured Airend - Five (5) years when operated on an Ingersoll Rand PM / Diagnostics Program.