Free Battery with IQV20 Tool Kit Purchase - April 1, 2016 to June 24, 2016

FREE Battery with IQV20 Kit Purchase

Promotion: Buy an IQV20 Kit and receive a free BL2010 battery!

Promotional Timeframe: Purchases must be made between Apr 1, 2016 and Jun 24, 2016 for immediate shipment.
Standard pricing applies.

Models include: W5110-K12,W5110-K22,W5130-K12,W5130-K22,W5150-K12,
W5150-K22,W5330-K12,W5330-K22, W5350-K12,W5350-K22,W7150-K1,
W7150-K2, W7150-K12,W7150-K22,W7250-K1,W7150-K2,D5140-K1,D5140-K2,
LUB5130-K12, R3130-K12, R3130-K22, R3150-K12 & R3150-K22.

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