Stoddard Silencers

Air Filter and
Filter Silencers

Blowers and compressor work more efficiently with clean air. Stoddard Silencers offer a wide array  of filters and silencers for your air moving needs. 


Rotary Blower Silencers

Rotary Positive Displacement Blowers are the preferred air moving devices for a range of application. But these systems create noise and pulses of air that can damage equipment further down the line.  A silencer from Stoddard Silencers can reduce the air noise created and reduce the shock of air pulses by making air flow more even. 


Discharge Silencers

Without Discharge Silencers Air pulses in compressor and blower lines can vary from 40-80% of absolute line pressure. These pulses can be damaging to other equipment further down the line. With a properly fitted discharge silencer the fluctuation of these pulses can be reduced to a threshold of 1-2% of the absolute line pressure.