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Centrifugal Technology (Centac - TA)

This course will allow you to:

  • Learn about the internal working components of centrifugal compressors.

  • Learn how centrifugal compressors are controlled and can be controlled more efficiently.

  • Learn about routine maintenance and how to build reliability in your system.

  • Learn how the power savings delivered can significantly speed up the payback on your initial investment and continue to build over the extended life‐cycle of your compressor.

  • Learn about MAESTRO Cameron’s suite of control systems that offers optimal protection and control for your compressor system. The MAESTRO suite contains a model that is sure to be in tune with your needs.

Who Should Attend:
Designed for design engineers, operations managers, plant engineers, maintenance supervisors, energy consultants, manufacturing engineers, or anyone who wants to increase reliability and reduce life‐cycle costs.


  • Introduction & History

  • Safety & Warranty

  • Compressor Models & Specifications

  • Centrifugal Theory & Controls Overview

  • Panel Screens

  • Monitoring Sensors & Valves

  • Gearbox Components

  • Lubrication Systems

  • Cooling Systems

  • Drive Couplings

  • Operation & Maintenance

  • Troubleshooting

Later Event: May 17
Compressed Air Systems Workshop