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Aerzen USA

Positive Displacement Blowers

No one knows positive displacement blowers like AERZEN.  They created Europe’s first version of the system a century and a half ago, and they remain a leader in the industry to this day.  Innovative, long-lasting and efficient, you can always trust in a design by AERZEN USA.

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Process  Gas Blowers

AERZEN’s process gas blowers are oil-free and designed to withstand continuous fluid injection.  They can be designed to a variety of specifications. Process gas blowers by AERZEN are unaffected by latent moisture or gas contaminants.  They are suited to a wide variety of industry tasks.

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Industrial Vacuum Blowers

AERZEN high-performance vacuum blowers can handle a wide range of flow volumes, from around 106 to over 57,000 cubic feet per minute, making it absolutely perfect for filling a wide range of industrial needs.  

High Pressure Blowers

High pressure blowers from AERZEN have been specifically designed as a solution to a host of specialized problems.  If you are dealing with pre-pressurized substances, or need a pressure differential of up to 2000 mbar, you need the power of an AERZEN high pressure blower.


Turbo Blowers

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The Turbo Blower Generation 5 & 5plus are designed with efficiency in mind. Aerzen's mix of blower hybrid and turbo technology is made to handle large intake volume.  The Gen 5plus is the most compact and efficient turbo in it's class. Built with Aerzen's double coated bearings & multilevel frequency converter reduces heat loss in the motor. Built to the only the highest standards of engineering, these excellent Turbo units are guaranteed to be energy efficient, low maintenance, and 100% oil free - meaning less hassle, mess, and cost to you!




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Rotary Lobe Blowers

With their Rotary Lobe Blowers, AERZEN offers the “perfect synthesis of positive displacement blower and screw compressor in one packaged unit.”  These are specifically designed to handle separate rotor profiles for different tasks--lower powered blower profile built for low pressure differentials of up to 800 millibars and a compressor profile that can deal with higher pressures, up to 1500 mbar.  They are also capable of performing in extreme temperatures, be they environmental or due to the task at hand--which only adds to their usefulness with a variety of applications. By operating in tandem to create a multiple use system, these offer options that other companies can not--namely a much wider range of performance standards that will allow you and your team to deal with a variety of process requirements--all while saving you around an estimated 15% in energy savings compared to separate equipment.

Screw Compressors

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Process Gas

AERZEN Process Gas Screw Compressors are perfect for a wide range of industrial uses.  Depending on the unit’s capabilities, they may handle process gases, neutral gases, aggressive gases, and/or cooling gases.   

Oil Free Low-Pressure Compressors

These oil-free screw compressors can handle bulk loads of medium ranging from ash to air to powders.  They are utilized in a massive number of industrial sectors from jet engine starters to clearing pipelines, with dozens of applications in between.

Control Technology



The AERsmart control system is designed to manage up to a dozen machines at one time.  It is built to account for the energy efficiency of each unit and can be automated to ensure the most efficient use of your company’s resources.  



An AERtronic system offers you security, maintenance, and mastery of your AERZEN system all through a single touchscreen.  The possibilities for control are endless when you utilize AERtronic.

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