Submersible Pumps

As their name implies, submersible pumps are designed to be fully enveloped in whatever substance is being moved.  They are used in a wide host of applications, from mining and municipal waste units to paper and pulp mills. Almost always requiring to be connected to an electrical circuit for power, these centrifugal pumps function on the basic principle force of pushing the material through the pumping system, rather different from the intake and suction of many forms of positive displacement pumps.  Because of their powerful ability to move liquid higher than its starting point, they are an incredibly important aspect of modern day industry and city planning.

Typical Applications

Submersible pumps are instrumental in many manufacturing and industrial applications, being used to move underground water for wells and construction or to transfer sewage water.  Oil pipelines use them for their impressive lift function. Firefighters often utilize them. They are also perfect for running fresh water underground into fields for crops or transferring water into man made lakes and ponds.


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  • Industrial & Municipal Waste

  • Storm Water Drainage

  • Mining Industry

  • Scale Pit

  • Pulp & Paper

  • Steel Mills

Specific Functionality

Knowing full well that every problem requires a different sort of solution, Process & Power offers a variety of submersible pump options.  Our pumping chamber sizes range in diameter from 1 inch to 60, so you can determine the the pressure or scope needed for your particular task.  Flow rates reach up to 55,000 gallons per minute, perfect for even the heaviest of jobs. The lift power in our pumps is excellent, and we can offer systems that provide for a Total Dynamic Head of 300 feet.  If you are in the market for a submersible pump, Process & Power can offer you an option for any situation.

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  • Multiple Impeller Designs

  • Extensive Range of Seal Configurations

  • Various Materials of Construction

  • Free Standing or Guide Rail

Customized Options

Our hermetically sealed systems are designed with an extensive range of seal configurations.  In order to extend the life of the pump, knowing the effect of the transferred substance on the submerged system is important.  As it is such, our submersible pumps are constructed from a wide variety of materials, so you can best determine what you need for the substance you need pumped.  Multiple impeller designs are available, so that any pump size and a wide range of density of slurry can be appropriately handled. They can be attached to a guard rail, allowing for simplicity of access and maintenance; they can be left free standing, making them easier to move as required.  No matter the situation, Process & Power has the pump you need to get the job done.


  • Flows up to 55,000 GPM

  • Heads up to 300’ TDH

  • Sizes from 1” to 60”

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