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Titan Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps & Compressors

The Titan series features a variable discharge port design, this port automatically adjusts to the internal compression ratio.  It offers maximum efficiency with a single stage design. The vacuum pump registers levels up to 29" HgV.  These pumps offer high volumetric efficiency with 50% less seal liquid requirement. 


Duravane Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps & Low-Pressure Air Compressors

DuraVane brand lubricated rotary vane vacuum systems: single-stage pumps with an integrated oil recirculation system.

Duravane line of vacuum pumps and air compressors are well designed, reliable, and economical.  They feature a compact design and a small foot print, low noise levels, and low maintenance.  These can also feature an integrated high efficiency multi-stage exhaust filter. 


HullVac Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumps

HullVac Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumps are engineered for long life.  With great performance and low maintenance, and ease of use these pumps are built for  the toughest industrial environment. The HullVac line is affordable and can save money on energy costs with their efficient design. 


Maxima-C Large Capacity Vacuum Pumps

The Maxima-C line of large capacity vacuum pumps features canonical porting  instead of a flat plate design allowing it to handle more seal liquid or liquid carryover.  The Maxima-C is a heavy duty design with a 20 blade shrouded rotor and multiple inlet/discharge configurations. This design offers maximum efficiency, low noise, low maintenance, and offers unparalleled reliability. 


Maximum-K Large Capacity Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

The Maximum-K line of large capacity liquid ring vacuum pumps by Dekker features a single stage design utilizing flat port plates. This allows the pump to operate efficiently across a wide vacuum range.  Available at capacities ranging from 1,500ACFM to 39,500ACFM, the Maxima-K can handle large amounts of condensables with maximum efficiency.  This design can also reduce seal-liquid consumption with no metal to metal contact.  The reliable, heavy-duty design of these pumps also offer low operating noise and low maintenance. 


Vmax Oil Sealed Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Systems

The Vmax vacuum pump system offers a range of 35-5400 CFM.  The rugged high quality design eliminates the use of water and offers years of trouble free operation.  The system has an extremely low operating noise level and features continuous operation over the full vacuum range without overheating.  The Vmax is a compact design that offers low power consumption. 


AquaSeal Water Sealed Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

AquaSeal systems are ideal for tough applications where corrosive gases are present.  These systems are designed to be environmentally friendly and eliminate pollution. Available in a wide choice of materials and can be set up for fully automatic operation.  The AquaSeal system can be configured with either single-stage or two stage liquid ring pumps.  This system is low maintenance and can have minimal cooling water requirements. 



ChemSeal Solvent Sealed Liquid Vacuum Pump Systems 


Dekker Vacuum ChemSeal custom engineered solvent-sealed liquid ring vacuum systems are specifically designed for the recovery of a variety of solvents and features a high solvent recovery rate.  Systems can have a capacity range from 15-3,000 CFM and operate at vacuum levels down to 0.5 torr.  When condensers are added the system can recover close to 100% of the solvent. 

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