Blast Equipment

When you have a surface that needs a tough cleaning job, sometimes a good blaster is the only thing to get the task done.  In offering an excellent variety of media and methods, including sandblasters, dry ice blasters, and glass bead blasters, we hope to make certain that we are a source to which you can turn no matter the situation.  From deep cleaning destroyed homes to scouring your factory’s mechanical equipment, Process & Power wants to ensure that you can find the right equipment to meet your blasting needs.


Empire Abrasive Equipment

These blast cabinets by Empire have been carefully designed to provide peak user safety, ease of operation, reduced maintenance and increased productivity.  Our cabinets are readily available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. They are built to be equipped with any of a wide range of factory options, and are optimally designed to support most production requirements--with zero cost for custom engineering, making them easily the cheaper option for your business.


Flex-O-Lite Glass Beads

Flex-O-Lite is a brand you can trust when it comes to abrasive blasting beads, with a long history producing excellently crafted glass beads, having been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of glass spheres--used for a variety of reflective and industrial applications, from abrasive cleaning to airfield visibility--for over 55 years.


IceTech Dry Ice Blasters

Dry Ice blasting machines are among our most comprehensive and versatile range of products.  As a tool used in everything from cleaning food contact surfaces in factories and large kitchens to cleaning up the mess from disasters such burned buildings or flooded homes.  They are also useful in maintaining productivity during equipment cleaning, as their functionality does not require the system being cleaned to be shut down for cooling. By choosing an IceTech Dry Ice Blaster, a business owner can be sure that they are enabling their employees to cover all possible dry ice blasting applications - from the simplest to the most sophisticated tasks.

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