Blackmer Gas Compressors 

Process & Power is pround to offer air and gas solutions from Blackmer.  Blackmer is the leading global provider of innovative and high-quality rotary vane and centrifugal pumps, and compressor technologies for the transfer of liquids and gases. For more than a century, the Blackmer name has stood for unparalleled product performance, superior services and support, well-timed innovation and a commitment to total customer satisfaction. Blackmer is an operating company within Pump Solutions Group (PSG), part of Dover's Fluid Solutions Platform. PSG is the expert in advanced integrated flow control solutions that enable the safe and efficient movement, measurement and control of the most critical and valuable materials within targeted global growth markets.

Blackmer compressors and pumps are primarily used in crude oil production, secondary recovery, vapor recovery and the loading, transfer, and unloading of raw/intermediate products from the field to storage and on into the refinery. Some features of Blackmer compressors include:

  • 350 PSIG to 1,000 PSIG Applications

  • Air Boosters

  • Transfer and Vapor Recovery

  • Oilfree Technology

  • Natural Gas Compressors

  • Many more gas classifications