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Axial Fans

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Howden has been engineering reliable axial fans for more than 160 years.  They make fans for a wide range of industries including mine ventilation, tunnel ventilation, air handling for public spaces, power generation, wind tunnel fans, industrial processes and more.  Axial fans from Howden are also suited to containing and controlling dust in industrial settings.  Fans may be used in forced draft service on the clean side of the process, or in induced draft service where the contaminated air travels through the fan. 



Howden offers an extensive range of fans for many application where an industrial fan is needed to move air or gas. Howden produces centrifugal fans that can handle high flow rates from medium to low pressure.  They can also produce fans for extreme environments handling heat, corrosive, and demanding operating environments, working in temperatures of up to 2000 degrees.  Centrifugal fans can also be used for general air movement and emergency smoke extraction. 


Fume Exhaust

Dust and fume control can be accomplished by creating air movement.  Process & Power offers a wide range of solutions from Howden Fans including fans and blowers ideal for controlling dust and fumes in industrial situations. 


Combustion Air

In many industrial applications, such as commercial water heaters and boilers, blowers are used to mix gas and air for incineration. Howden offers blowers ideal for this featuring light weight, spark resistant, and rust proof castings. 

Howden fans are also used in incineration systems, applications such as portable burning devices for clearing wood waste or in disaster areas. Properly incorporated fans can provide cleaner air emissions by recirculating the smoke.  Howden fans and blowers can also be used in furnace and air duct systems,  general blowers,  and for ash conveyance.

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