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Since 1991, National Turbine Corporation has been providing innovative solutions for air and gas handling requirements worldwide.

By combining the latest manufacturing technology with old world, quality craftsmanship, and a true dedication to providing the finest service in the industry, National Turbine has become one of the most diverse providers of air and gas handling equipment.

The skilled team of engineers at National Turbine encompass over 160 years of diversified experience, allowing us to deliver the most suitable products for a myriad of applications.

Premier service and support have moved us to the forefront of the industry. We believe this unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction is our finest product.



Air Handling

  • Waste Water Treatment

  • Food Industry

  • Printing Industry

  • GE™ Steam Turbine Applications

  • Car Rental Systems

Gas Handling

  • Soil Vapor Extraction

  • Tank Farm Venting

  • Landfill Gas Systems

  • Bio Gas Systems

  • Barge Vapor Recovery

  • Petrochemical and Refinery Applications


Centurion Series

National Turbine's Centurion™ Series of cast iron centrifugal blowers and exhausters are built to exacting quality standards to provide years of trouble-free operation. Made in the U.S.A., many models provide drop-in replacement capabilities for many Lamson, and HSI/Atlas Copco models, including parts interchangeability.

With sizes from 2 1/2" to 14" connections, these blowers and exhausters provide flows from 10 to 13,000 CFM, pressures to 15 PSIG and vacuums to 15 inches of mercury. Standard air units include non-wearing labyrinth air seals, the highest quality, U.S.A made bearings for long life, heavy duty I-beam bases and industrial epoxy enamel finishes.

Our gas machines are available with standard packing gland seals on the drive end, optional zero-leakage seals are available for dangerous or corrosive gases.


Millenium Series

National Turbine's Milennium™ series of fabricated blowers and exhausters are better than ever. Our New Millenium "B" series offers the same economy of a heavy duty fabricated casing with the rugged reliability of cast aluminum impellers. This unique construction was pioneered by National Turbine.

Millenium "B" series blowers and exhausters now have impellers keyed to the shaft, improved aerodynamic passages and added impeller configurations for more flexible performance.

With flow capabilities to 2000 CFM, pressures to 8 PSIG and vacuum to 10 inches of mercury, these blowers and exhausters can be customized in dozens of ways. Stainless steel or aluminum casings, stainless steel shafts and impellers, gas-tight construction and special seals are all available. Standard construction features include heavy duty (3/16" or 1/4") carbon steel inlet and outlet heads, tube or flanged connections, automatic bearing lubricators and heavy duty tubular steel base.

For central vacuum systems, small landfill gas applications, air knives, bio gas blowers and a variety of other industrial vacuum and pressure systems, this unit offers a rugged, economical solution, with hundreds of installations worldwide.

Central Vacuum Systems

Whether used for general housekeeping or to improve the efficiency of production, we have the system you need.

A central vacuum cleaning system can help you reclaim valuable materials, improve worker safety by reducing airborn hazardous materials to meet OSHA regulations and may even reduce your insurance costs.

With over 500 installations world wide, in schools, colleges, major production facilities and car rental facilities, our experienced design engineers will assist you from conception to completion, with the right equipment to meet your expectations.

Our wide selection of cyclones and filter tanks, combined with the proper vacuum producer and all the tubing, fittings, hoses and tools you need will provide you with a central vacuum system designed for maximum perfromance and efficiency.

Vacuum Hoses and Tools

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National Turbine has a large selection of vacuum hoses, from standard duty to static dissipating, static grounded and even heavy duty rubber for abrasive applications.

Our extensive line of vacuum tools and wands give you one of the largest selections available. Special tools for wet applications, pipe cleaning and bulk material pick up are available in aluminum and ABS.

We stock the standard "duck foot" tool that is an industry standard in the car wash and car rental markets.

We have 1.5"(IV-150), 1.8"(IV-180) and 2"(IV-200) inlet valves and valve to hose adapters in stock. These valves and all of our hoses and tools are compatable with Lamson, Hoffman, Spencer, US Turbine and many other manufacturers central vacuum cleaning systems.

Filter Bags and Door Gaskets


We supply a wide range of parts to keep your vacuum system tank in top condition. Clean filter bags and air tight gaskets help assure peak performance from your vacuum system.

Lamson™ ABN-644 Filter bags to fit 5.75" holes are in stock.
Lamson™ ABN-644 Filter bags to fit 6" holes are available in 2-3 weeks.
VC- part number Lamson™ filter bags made to order in 2-3 weeks.

Note: The ABN-644 filter bags also fit many U.S. Turbine filter tanks.

Our filter manufacturing facility can also make replacement filter for many other manufacturers' tanks from your samples!

Door and dust can gaskets in both straight and 90 degree styles. (see pictures below) are in stock.

These gaskets are used on many Lamson™ and Hoffman™ filter tank door openings and dirt cans.

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