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Magnetic Drive Pumps

Magnetic drive pumps offer a variety of benefits in chemical manufacturing and processing, fume scrubbing, plating, and finishing.  These include a low chance of leakage and the capability to run dry, though these can also handle a wide range of liquids. Our ANSI-dimensional pumps use neodymium magnets and are self priming.  They can handle a flow rate of up to 1500 gallons per minute with pressures of up to 300 psi.

How It Works

A form of centrifugal pump which is used for moving large quantities of liquid, the magnetic drive pump earns its name from the magnetic coupling that connects the pump with the motor.  A magnetic field is balanced to rotate a fluid impeller, eliminating the need for the direct drive mechanics of a traditional centrifugal pump. Internally, a magnetized mechanism is operated within the shaft, connected with the pump’s impeller but hermetically sealed to keep it completely separated from the outside of the head of the fluid pump.  Externally, a larger magnetic bell is fitted over the end of the pump shaft, aligning it with the internal magnet. Operation of the pump’s motor will cause the larger magnet to turn, which can affect the magnetic field of the smaller magnet even through the obstruction of pump and liquid. The smaller magnet moves the pump’s impeller, displacing fluid through the pump.

Perfect For A Wide Range of Applications

Although specifically designed to quickly and efficiently move only pure liquids (any sediment or particle contamination can adversely affect the airtight seal of the magnet), these pumps are perfectly suited to a number of industrial uses and can handle a wide range of wet substances.  Chemical processing and manufacturing plants use them, as well as factories involved in metal finishing and plating. They are also a popular method of fluid transfer for original equipment manufacturers and in fume scrubbing. These are just a few of the industry processes that can be improved with the help of an efficient magnetic drive pump.


Magnetic+Drive+Fluid+Pumps (Transparent).png
  • Chemical Manufacturing & Processing
  • Metal Plating and Finishing
  • Fume Scrubbing
  • OEM Equipment


  • Run Dry Capability
  • Wide Range of Wetted Materials
  • Neodymium Magnets
  • Self-Priming Models
  • ANSI-dimensional


  • Flows up to 1500 GPM
  • Pressures up to 300 PSI 


Held To The Highest Standards

Process & Power’s magnetic drive pumps are designed to dimensions set by the American National Standards Institute.  They are meant to be compatible with other industry equipment where possible. Because of the hermetically sealed containment afforded by the magnetic coupler, these pumps have a much lower instance of leakage.  Our pump model is self-priming and features run-dry capability, so your team can work without constantly worrying about overheating.

Powerful Enough To Trust

The magnets used in these drive pumps are built using neodymium magnets, the most popular form of permanent, rare-earth magnet.  They are high powered and dependable, just like the pump system to which they are attached. Our magnetic drive pumps are creating enough force to move up to 1500 gallons of liquid through the chamber every minute and can handle pressures of up to 300 psi.  They are exactly the sort of well built, reliable unit on which a manufacturer can count.

Our Team Is Ready To Help You

We appreciate your interest in magnetic drive pumps from Jack Tyler Engineering, a division of Process & Power, Inc.   We urge you to contact our team as soon as possible regarding your production or waste transfer needs. Our talented and capable staff is standing ready to help you find, install, and maintain the pump, vacuum, or air system perfect for you to fulfill your goals.  Give us a call today at (901) 362-5500, and we will be proud to help you make the right choice for your business.